Angelina Jolie Says She Never Wanted To Have Kids


I think we all forget about 10 -15 years ago, Angelina Jolie was a rebel who was married to Billy Bob Thorton. At that point in time I could of never imagined her with a child, let alone six of them.

Fast forward to 2016 and Angelina is married to the sexiest man alive, Brad Pitt and has six beautiful children. Angie recently spoke with the Associated Press about never wanting to be a mother and what made her change her mind.

She said,

“When I first came to Cambodia, it changed me. It changed my perspective. I realized there was so much about history that I had not been taught in school, and so much about life that I needed to understand, and I was very humbled by it.”

She continued, “It’s strange, I never wanted to have a baby. I never wanted to be pregnant. I never babysat. I never thought of myself as a mother…It was suddenly very clear to me that my son was in the country, somewhere.”

This is why I love Angie and why I still to this day pray she adopts me too!


Post Author: CourtneyOMG