Are Chris Brown & Karrueche Back Together Again?


Chris Brown has been doing whatever he can to win Karrueche back and it seems like all that work has finally paid off.

Karrueche broke up with Chris after finding out along with the rest of the world that he cheated on her AGAIN. The only thing different was this time around he got the woman pregnant and baby Royalty was already 9 months old when everyone found out. Karrueche recently did a interview with Big Boy where she said her and Chris are not communicating with one another and doesn’t plan on getting back together with him.

It looks like her story may have changed!

According to TMZ,

CB rolled up to Playhouse Thursday night in a sick new Lambo … Karrueche showed a short time later. It seemed she was there because her BFF Christina Milian was the host for the night … something Chris clearly knew.
Apparently Chris performed a magic show inside — because he and Karrueche left together in the same SUV, leaving the Lambo behind.

No one is going to be shocked that Karrueche is getting back with Chris. I think people are more shocked that she stayed away from him for this long. We all knew it was a matter of time, but it’s 2015. Do whatever makes you happy boo!


Post Author: CourtneyOMG