Cameron Diaz: “We Girls Sometimes Pick The Same Guy Over & Over Again”

Cameron Diaz Cosmopolitan cover

My love for Cameron Diaz is so real! I swear she gets better the older she gets.

Cameron gets fierce in a fabulous black dress on the January 2015 cover of Cosmopolitan magazine. Not sure if it’s because her new movie Annie is set to hit theaters soon, or her relationship with Benji Madden, but Cameron Diaz looks so happy.

For the issue, Cameron gives some great relationship advice that every girl needs to hear at some point in her life. She also opens up about what she learned from her past failed relationships and what scared her the most about her role in Annie.

On making a romance work: “You have to find someone in the same place as you are. Timing is everything. If you get into a relationship where you want something the guy doesn’t want, it’s never gonna work. You’re never going to get him to be in that place. No matter how old you are, finding the guy who’s in the same place as you are and wants to show up is the only way a relationship works, period.”

Lessons from past relationships: “Here’s the thing. You make the same mistake over and over again until you learn your lesson. We girls sometimes do the thing where we pick the same person over and over again — they look and seem different, but deep down, they’re the same. And that’s on us.”

Her singing in Annie: “It was the most terrifying thing I’ve ever done in a movie. I cried a lot. [Miss Hannigan is] bitter because her chance at fame was stolen, and all she can taste is that taste, which is very much in line with this day and age. People determine your value by how many friends you have on Facebook or if you’re Instagram famous.”

Cameron Diaz Cosmopolitan January 2015

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