Cameron Diaz Strikes A Pose On The Cover Of Cosmopolitan UK

Cameron Diaz Cosmopolitan UK Cover

I just cannot take the fact that Cameron Diaz is 42 and still looks so ridiculously fabulous!

The never aging actress covers the April 2015 issue of Cosmopolitan UK magazine. She recently married Good Charlotte frontman, Benji Madden and even though it was supposed to be hush hush social media went crazy when they found out. In the new issue Cameron shares her thoughts on social media, sex being something everyone needs and more.

On social media: “I think social media is a crazy-ass experiment on society. The way people use it to get validation from abunch of strangers is dangerous. What’s the point?”

On not depriving herself: “Wellbeing is an equation. Remember, you don’t have to have the whole cake, you can have a piece. Don’t deprive yourself. Have fun. Just be self-aware. If your equation is 80% good, 20% bad most of the time, then a little movement toward the centre isn’t going to affect you much.”

On sex: “It’s something healthy that we need to be doing for many different reasons.”

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