Chris Brown’s Home Invasion Robbery May Have Been An Inside Job!


When your mother tells you she doesn’t trust your friends and you need to cut them loose, LISTEN because 99% of the time she’s right. Even if it may take you a while to see it.

Chris Brown‘s mother, Joyce Hawkins has been saying Chris needs to let go of some of his “friends’ because they are no good and cause nothing but trouble. After his home invasion robbery went down while he was hosting a party, Chris and the police agree with his mother. These so called friends of Chris’ may be the ones who set up the robbery which resulted in Chris’ aunt being held at gunpoint, over $50k in cash stolen and much more!

According to TMZ,

Several of Chris Brown’s close friends were in on the home invasion robbery … at least that’s what Chris believes and we’ve learned cops have the same view.

Law enforcement sources as well as sources connected with Chris tell us, they believe the 4 guys who broke into his home Wednesday morning were not just casual friends … they were tight with him.

As we reported, cops believe a club promoter was also involved … someone who knew Chris just got $50k in cash for an appearance and that the money was in his home safe.

And there’s more. We’ve learned cops believe the Bloods may be involved as well. In fact, we’re told a member of LAPD’s Gang Unit was assigned the case.

And finally, we’re told people in Chris’ camp have already had “the talk” with him … to 86 several members of his crew “immediately.”


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