Gigi And Bella Hadid Pose Together For V Magazine


Model sisters Gigi Hadid and Bella Hadid are completely unrecognizable on the cover of ‘V’ magazine. This is the first cover that the sisters did together and they completely slayed it! The shoot was photographed by famed photographer Steven Klein and stylist Patti Wilson gave the sisters a Joan Jett inspired look.


In the issue the Hadid sisters talk about never fighting over the same guy, female empowerment and daily goals.

Gigi on advancing her career: “What I’ve been doing a lot every day is I have three goals: be kind, work hard, and make a friend. When I do those little things on set every day, those are the things that then lead to creating relationships and building opportunities. Because you don’t know who those people are gonna go have dinner with and talk to that night.”

Bella on if she and Gigi ever fight over guys: “No, never. We would never touch the same person.”

Gigi on encountering nasty attitudes in the industry: “There are some people who are mean at times, but I think generally we are in a generation of models where it’s becoming normal to support each other, and I think it’s really different. We’re lucky to be in that generation of girls where we’re really pushing for girl power and supporting each other and being friends with everyone. And I think it’s becoming less cool to be like the catty models that we’ve all heard the stories about.”


Post Author: CourtneyOMG