GQ Magazine Switches Things Up For Matt Damon’s Interview


Instead of doing the same typical interview that I’m sure Matt Damon has done a million and one times in his career, GQ switched it up a bit.

GQ didn’t do the traditional and sometimes boring sit down interview with Matt. They got some of the A-list stars friends and peers to talk about him in the interview instead. I need to see more interviews like this!

Check out what everyone had to say about Matt who’s new movie Jason Bourne just hit theatres.

Tina Fey, on his friendship with Ben Affleck: “People would be like, ‘[Matt and Ben Affleck] are so cute!’ And I’d be like, ‘They’re J.Crew sweaters. When you see all the colors next to each other, they look cute, but when you get one home, you’re like, “Damn, I just got an orange sweater.”‘ But now that is withdrawn. In person, Matt holds up.”

Matt, on Tina’s quote: “Ben is the orange sweater.”

Scarlett Johansson, on his beauty: “The most amazing gift about Matt’s physical appearance is that he can walk into the hair-and-makeup trailer looking like someone who slept directly on his face for seven hours and emerge a bona fide movie star. He has a great makeup artist.”

Ben Affleck, on Matt’s success: “The quality that has allowed Matt to maintain the illusion that he is Mr. Nice Guy is that he found a young TV actor who was just a pretty face and made friends with him so he would always look good by comparison . . . Matt is very media-savvy and manipulative in that way. He’s like a mix of [O.J. Simpson defense-team members] Bob Shapiro and Alan Dershowitz.”

Post Author: CourtneyOMG