Gwen Stefani Sizzles On Cosmopolitan’s March Cover

Gwen Stefani Cosmopolitan magazine

Let’s all say a prayer that we look this awesome at 45!

Gwen Stefani covers the March 2015 issue of Cosmopolitan magazine rocking a sexy blue lace dress with an over the top necklace full of white stars. As fabulous as Gwen always looks you would think she would always feel like she can have any guy she wants, but that’s not the case. Gwen opens up about not thinking she could land a hot guy like her husband Gavin Rossdale, what keeps her marriage going and still being relevant.

On her marriage to Gavin Rossdale: “We go through so much together—it’s a miracle that we could stay together this long. [Gavin’s] on a short tour right now, and he wrote me the sweetest note this morning. It’s good to have those days when we both do our own things. I think that’s what keeps relationships going, when both people can be themselves and have their own individuality. That’s especially important for women—it’s hard to find time for yourself.”

On marrying a “hot guy”: “I never really saw myself landing a guy that hot. I don’t know if I was a nerd in high school, but I definitely wasn’t the super-cute cheerleader so I never saw myself getting somebody like that. But I do think he’s quite handsome. It’s not the most important thing about him, but it is nice…and he makes really cute babies!”

On having gratitude for her successful music career: “My parents taught us, ‘[music] is your hobby. People don’t make it. It just doesn’t happen.’ It still shocks me that people care about me. I trip out about it all the time. It’s mind-blowing! For me, I’ve never gotten to a point where I felt, ‘Okay, I’ve made it, I’m number one!’ It’s an amazing feeling to hit number one, but it’s not that different a feeling from not being number one. It’s really about the journey—that’s where the joy comes. It’s not about the end result, because there isn’t really ever an end.”

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