Halle Berry Launches Lingerie Line ‘Scandale Paris’ At Target

Halle Berry Scandale Paris

Anything Halle Berry puts her name on is bound to be successful especially when it comes to lingerie!

Halle Berry has teamed up with lingerie line ‘Scandale Paris‘ to debut their new collection in the United States and at a very affordable price. Like way cheaper than Victoria’s Secret! The new line will be sold exclusively at Target starting on October 27th and the prices for bras range between $16- $18 and the underwear is only $7. How can you beat that?

Halle explained to People magazine how she discovered the lingerie line,

“I’m married to a French man [Olivier Martinez], so I spend a lot of my down time in Paris just walking around. I came across this brand in a very small display in one of my favorite stores and I just thought, ‘Wow, we don’t have anything quite like this in America.’” So she decided to change that. But she didn’t just help bring the brand stateside, she actually worked to acquire it! She stresses that “keeping the Parisian style intact” is important, but that she wanted to modernize the vibe for women today.

When asked what her husband thought about her new lingerie collection she said,

He knows how much I care about my undergarments and how much energy and effort I put into what’s underneath my clothes. He just said, “I can’t think of anybody better to do this, anyone who cares about this more than probably you.” He was supportive.


If these guys out here weren’t already jealous of Oliver Martinez (Halle’s husband) I’m sure they are now!

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