H&M Releases New Sexy David Beckham Underwear Ads

David Beckham H&M

I cannot take how sexy this man is!

David Beckham has been repping H&M’s underwear ads for quite some time now, and everytime a new ad comes out it always ends up being sexier than the last. Ladies, don’t act like I’m the only one who stops in the men’s section everytime I go to H&M so I can admire David’s fine physique. Victoria is so lucky she gets to wake up to this man every morning!

In the ads for the 2014 H&M David Beckham Autumn/Winter bodywear collection, David is rocking boxer briefs, tees, pajama pants, sweat pants & more. He released a statement about the new collection saying,

“These new pieces for my Bodywear range at H&M have a real energy about them. I genuinely enjoy the creative process with H&M and we have had fun this time playing with colour and texture. I hope people like them as much as I do.”

Take a look at David’s full collection below! You’re welcome ladies….

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