Jessica Alba Gets Fierce For Glam Belleza Latina

Jessica Alba Glam Belleza Latina cover

My love for Jessica Alba is so real! This woman is 33 years old with 2 kids and still looks the same as when we all first saw her in Honey.

The actress/entrepreneur who’s company, The Honest Co was just valued at over $1 billion covers the Fall issue of Glam Belleza Latina looking so fierce, fabulous and must I add, flawless. In the issue Jessica Alba talks about admiring Jennifer Lopez, being a business woman and more.

On the importance of race to her identity: “It’s always been the same. I’ve always felt closer to being a Latina than anything else, because I grew up with my dad’s family, who are Mexican American. I never really identified any other way. But I think that today it’s less and less about having to identify with one race and holding on to that completely. I mean, my kids are African American and Caucasian on their dad’s side, and Latino and Caucasian on my side.”

Jessica Alba Glam Belleza Latina shoot

On the Latinas she admired when she was growing up: “I grew up in Southern California, where Latin culture is just everywhere. I mean, I still love mariachi music! I looked up to Jennifer Lopez. She is someone who broke through barriers, a powerhouse. You know: I could be a dancer, singer, actress, entrepreneur—I can do all of it. And Daisy Fuentes too. What she did with her platform was incredible. It took the rest of the country a second to catch up to Latinas in the United States being mainstream.”

On the differences between her business and her movie career: “Having a company that’s making the world a better place is a life calling. Performing has also been a life calling, but they’re so different. It takes a completely different side of my brain to do one versus the other. But I’m truly very proud of The Honest Company.”

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