Judge Reportedly Orders Arrest Warrant For Tyga


This is what happens when you try too hard to Keep Up With The Kardashians…….

Tyga has gotten so much press lately and it has absolutely nothing to do with his rapping career. In the last year alone, Tyga has gotten evicted from multiple houses, got cars repoed and the list goes on. No matter how much he may deny it, it’s clear that he has money issues. You couldn’t tell because he acts like he’s filthy rich, posting pictures in private jets, huge mansions and buying his 19-year-old boo, Kylie Jenner expensive cars.

Well, it looks like he might need a loan from Kylie and possibly some bail money as well.

According to TMZ,

Tyga was a no-show in court Tuesday, where he was supposed to appear so lawyers for his former landlord could grill him about his finances. The landlord got a $480,000 judgment against the rapper who fell way behind on rent and left the Malibu home in shambles. Tyga hasn’t paid the judgment, so the landlord wants to know where Tyga’s hiding his assets.
Attorneys for the landlord were in court today, explaining the landlord was upset over stories he saw that Tyga bought Kylie a $200,000 car for her birthday, which he claims is a fraudulent transfer of assets that should go to satisfy the judgment.

The judge issued a bench warrant, which means Tyga could go to jail.

The rapper’s finances have been curious for a long time. He’s had cars repoed, he’s been evicted, but he still lives like a king. He recently rented a mansion for $46k a month.

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