Kendall Jenner Lands First American Vogue Cover!


Reality star/ supermodel Kendall Jenner poses in Gucci on her first American Vogue cover!

Kendall has already accomplished things at the age of 20 that most models hope to accomplish in their lifetime. Landing the cover of Vogue is most models biggest dream and it’s now one more thing for Kendall to check off her list!

As soon as it was revealed that Kendall was Vogue’s September cover girl people were pissed. I don’t even think people know why they were pissed! She has every right to be on the cover of Vogue and every other magazine out there. She’s one of the hottest supermodels out right now. Don’t hate, be inspired!


In the issue, Kendall talks being a tomboy, Caitlyn and much more.

On Caitlyn Jenner: “We’re not judgemental. But obviously it’s strange to having your dad, who was so male, completely reverse. It is definitely a gnarly experience. But my whole life we would, like, catch her, and we would be like, What is going on here?…My mom knew. She knew since their third date.”

On watching her sisters growing up: “Obviously, my success came after my sisters’— I got to see all of their mistakes and watch out for them.”

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