Kerry Washington Graces The Cover Of ADWEEK


Kerry Washington has once again become a victim of being over photoshopped. It’s getting ridiculous now. I just feel like damn near every magazine cover Kerry is on, they make her look crazy. Like, what are you trying to say? She’s naturally so beautiful. No need to photoshop her to the point where you can’t even recognize her.  I would just love to know who was dumb enough to approve this image?

Any who, Kerry Washington covers the new issue of ADWEEK magazine rocking the most fabulous black and white dress. In the issue, she opens up about what happened when Hilary Clinton visited the set of Scandal. She also talks about not getting a heads up of any plot twists from her hit TV show.

On if Shonda Rhimes tells her Scandal storylines in advance: “No. I had no idea that the abortion scene was coming until I turned the page at the table read and read it out loud with everybody else.”

On Hillary Clinton stopping by set: “I’m really close to the campaign. … Hillary was in town for a fundraiser, and Tony [Goldwyn, who plays President Fitzgerald Grant] and I thought we might get off work in time to go, but we didn’t. So I emailed Huma [Abedin, Clinton’s longtime aide] and said, “Why don’t you guys come here?” And they were able to. It was very surreal, because at some point you couldn’t tell the difference between our pretend Secret Service on the show, and the real Secret Service walking on the set.”

Post Author: CourtneyOMG