Khloe Kardashian Isn’t Ready To Divorce Estranged Husband Lamar Odom


Khloe Kardashian filed for divorce from estranged husband Lamar Odom well over a year ago, but their still married. Neither Khloe or Lamar followed up with the divorce! Even though Khloe has been dating rapper French Montana on and off for months, she’s said that it’s nothing serious. Why? Well, maybe it’s because she’s still in love with Lamar and she’s patiently waiting for him to get his shit together.

According to TMZ,

Sources connected to both Khloe and Lamar tell TMZ, the 2 of them are not romantic and are not talking reconciliation, but they don’t want to close the door on the marriage either. That explains why Khloe’s divorce has been laying dormant in the courts for more than a year … the judge has even said if she doesn’t s*** or get off the pot, he’ll dismiss it.

Our Lamar sources says there’s bad blood on both sides. It’s not as if he’s begging her to reconcile … he feels betrayed by Khloe as well. The Lamar sources say she’s told him he has to make some sort of “grand gesture” before they can go the next step, and so far he’s not willing to do it.

For her part, we’re told she has “a big heart” and doesn’t want to hurt him by sealing the deal on the divorce. But it’s more than just mercy … we’re told she still has feelings for him.

All I know is that I loved Khloe and Lamar as a couple and she seemed like such an awesome wife. Let’s hope Lamar got the help that he needed, and they get back together again.

Post Author: CourtneyOMG