Kim Kardashian Slams Rob Kardashian: “This Is Pathetic”


It’s no secret that Rob Kardashian has been struggling with his weight for years. Because of this he didn’t attend sister Kim Kardashian‘s wedding to Kanye West, won’t appear on Keeping Up With The Kardashians and doesn’t want to be seen in public.

While most of his family has sympathy for him and continues to cater to his needs, Kim has had enough. In  a preview to next Sunday’s episode of KUWTK Kim tells her family they need to stop babying Rob. She says,”Everyone licks Rob’s ass and does whatever he says and at some point you have to give it up. We all make his life so easy, ‘OK, we’ll drive you around with the chauffeur so no one has to look at you!’, we had a chef on standby, a trainer. We’ll send people to buy you socks and underwear, this is pathetic!”

I totally get what Kim is saying. Babying anyone in that situation only makes it worst. Tough love will have to do. Let’s hope Rob is able to get it together because I miss watching him on Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

Post Author: CourtneyOMG