MOVIE TRAILER: ‘TOP FIVE’ Starring Chris Rock, Rosario Dawson & More


The highly anticipated new film, Top Five is set to hit theaters this Friday, December 12th and it’s a must see!

Top Five stars Chris Rock, Rosario Dawson, Gabrielle Union, Kevin Hart, Cedric The Entertainer, Tracy Morgan and many more. It’s definitely a star studded cast.

The movie was written and produced by Chris Rock and in it he plays Andre Allen who’s a comedian that doesn’t want to be funny anymore. He wants to become a serious actor, but he’s engaged to reality star Erika Long who’s played by Gabrielle Union. She wants to film their wedding for her reality show, but that may end up being career suicide for Andre. Rosario Dawson plays Chelsea Brown, a journalist from the New York Times who’s trying to do an exclusive article on Andre Allen.

Check out the official trailer below and make sure you go see it in theaters this Friday, December 12th!

Post Author: CourtneyOMG