MUST HAVE: MAC Launches New Lorde & Osbourne Collections!

Lorde MAC Collection

My love for MAC is so real!

At the current moment my MAC product obsession is their lipsticks. It’s a combination of me already having all their other products (except eye shadow, I’m not at that level yet) and finally being comfortable with having color of my lips. I was totally that nude lip girl, but I decided to step my game up months ago, and now I can’t stop buying them.  I’m pretty sure I’ll have every color by the end of summer, that’s the goal!

When MAC revealed that they were releasing three new celebrity collections, of course I was so happy. The first collection which was with singer Lorde was released online last monday. Of course I ordered the lipstick (pure Heroine), already received it, but I haven’t worn it out yet.

Lorde MAC Collection Pictures

Lorde Collection

Lips meet Lorde’s individual style in a high-comfort Amplified Lipstick in a deep rich plum. – MAC


The next collection to be  released was the Kelly Osbourne and Sharon Osbourne collection which was released online  just days ago and everything is already sold out! But don’t worry, they’ll be available in stores on June 12th! FYI, Kelly has a lipstick in her collection called ‘Kelly Yum Yum’, this lip color isn’t new at all, many of us already have ‘Candy Yum Yum’ which is the same exact color. I don’t plan on getting it because the only thing different is the packaging honey!

Kelly Osbourne MAC Collection

Sharon Osbourne MAC Collection


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