Nelly Addresses Floyd Mayweather Feud


Why is it that we’ve been talking more about Floyd Mayweather’s personal life than his matches? Now that all the drama has died down between Floyd, Tiny & T.I, I guess it’s time to rekindle the Nelly/Miss Jackson drama!

Floyd has been in his feeling for a while now about his ex fiancee, Miss Jackson leaving him and getting with Nelly right after. This past weekend Miss Jackson celebrated her birthday and she pretty much confirmed her relationship with Nelly after posting tons of lovey dovey pictures with him on her Instagram.

Well, instead of focusing on his upcoming fight, Floyd decided to throw Miss Jackson some shade on Instagram by posting up pics of the new Rolls Royce he bought his main chick, Bad Medina for her birthday. He also made sure he wrote about her being by his side for the past 5 years. So yes! Floyd confirmed that Bad Medina was the side chick while he was engaged to Miss Jackson. And he wonders why she left his cheating behind.

Anywho, Nelly appeared on ESPN’s ‘Highly Questionable’ and when asked about his beef with Floyd Mayweather, he denied there was any, but then insulted his intelligence a second later.

Why do I have a feeling that this drama will not be buried anytime soon?

Post Author: CourtneyOMG