NEW COUPLE ALERT: Kendall Jenner & Nick Jonas!!!


Is it true? Are Kendall Jenner and Nick Jonas really an item? Well, thanks to Kendall’s good friend and fellow model Gigi Hadid it’s true!

Gigi Hadid has been dating Joe Jonas for a couple of months now after moving on from ex boyfriend Cody Simpson. Since her BFF Kendall is single, why not hook her up with her boyfriends newly single brother. Match made in heaven, right?

A source told US Weekly,

“Gigi wants Kendall around all the time. She thinks it would be fun for all of them to hang out.”

“They are all going to end up hanging out regardless, so it seems like a simple situation, which could be a lot of fun,” the source added. “Nick was single and looking to date and there was an obvious attraction. He absolutely thinks she’s hot.”

Post Author: CourtneyOMG