Nick Cannon Officially Files For Divorce From Mariah Carey


We all knew it was just a matter of time before Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey filed divorce papers, but I thought it would of been Mariah who did it first.

Even though Nick and Mariah separated months ago and Nick got that massive Mariah tattoo removed from his back, rumor had it they were still figuring things out. They even spent the holidays together, but then again it may have just been for the kids. But not we’re finding out that Nick Cannon actually filed papers weeks before Christmas and was some how able to keep it on the hush.

According to TMZ,

Nick Cannon beat Mariah Carey to the courthouse … we’ve learned he has quietly filed for divorce.

The timing is interesting. We found out Nick filed papers December 12. The date is relevant because on December 2, Mariah showed up 3 hours late to tape a segment for the NBC tree-lighting special.

At the time we posted a story … Mariah was on the phone with her lawyers going over the terms of her property settlement. That syncs up with Nick filing papers a week later, after they hashed out a deal.

Short story … Mariah has completely detached Nick from her new, very lucrative deal in Vegas.

Now that Nick has finally filed for divorce I wonder how long it takes before he starts publicly dating someone new, kinda like Amber Rose.

Post Author: CourtneyOMG