Nick Jonas Gets Sexy For The Cover Of ‘Attitude’ Magazine


Nick Jonas is no longer that young boy from the Jonas Brothers. He’s grown into a sexpot and I’m not mad at it!

The 22 year old singer shows us he’s been working on those biceps for the cover of Attitude magazine. While in the Jonas Brothers I could remember them all wearing a purity ring, but it seems as though he’s not rocking it these days. Nick explains to the magazine why it is important to have a very healthy sex life, talks his gay fan base and much more.

On his gay fan base: Embracing my gay fan base has been a major part of that and so fulfilling for so many reasons. All my gay friends came to me when I was making my music and said, “Your gay fan base is huge, you should do something to embrace that,” and so I’ve made a real effort to do that.

On his grooming habits: It’s funny, I never even really thought about it; that that would be an issue. I think that I’ve never even tried to like wax or shave my chest hair or anywhere else. I just think, “I’m a man, I don’t really need to!” That’s the beautiful part about being a man! It’s a whole lot of trouble to do all that! But actually when we were doing some of the Kingdom shoots in our fight-wear – which is just shorts and that’s it – one of my friends on set who’s this awesome lesbian chick was like, “You know what I really dig? I really dig that you don’t shave or wax – keep that up!” And I was like, okay, if that’s coming from her then I’m all good to go!

On sex: Sex is such an important part of a healthy life, in the sense that it’s such an intrinsic part of who you are. When your sex life is not healthy you resort to other things as an outlet. And in terms of the show, that’s tough to watch.

Post Author: CourtneyOMG