‘Orange Is The New Black’ Season 2 Is Finally Back!

Orange Is The New Black season 2

OMG! Anyone who knows me knows that I am beyond obsessed with ‘Orange Is The New Black‘. At first I was a little sceptical about watching a whole series on Netflix, but thank god I tried it.

Season 2 of ‘Orange Is The New Black’ streamed live on Netflix on Friday, June 6th aka one of the happiest days for me this year. Last season I started watching the show later than everyone else, so I thought I got to watch all the episodes back to back because I was so behind. Well, to my surprise when I logged on first thing Friday morning I saw all 13 episodes of season 2 were available to watch ASAP! As much as I love the fact that I can literally watch the entire season 2 in the matter of 3 days, it also sucks because that means I’ll have to wait another year for the next season.

I haven’t finished the entire season 2 yet, I still have a couple of episodes to go. As much as I want to talk about what’s going on this season, I don’t want to give anything away to the fans who haven’t watched it yet. So, I’ll just put it this way! You will be very surprised with how season 2 starts, you’re going to say a bunch of prayers for Piper, you’ll probably hate Alex, you’ll want to give Red a hug, tell Larry to move on, wish Taystee was your BFF and still be entertained, but scared of Crazy Eyes.


You know I’ve always wanted to play a victim on ‘Law & Order: SVU’, then a Gladiator on ‘Scandal’, but now I just want to play someone on ‘Orange Is The New Black’.


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