Pregnant Ciara Shows Off Her Baby Bump In New Maternity Photoshoot With Harper’s Bazaar Magazine

These celebrity maternity shoots are everything! First Beyonce literally stopped the world when she revealed pictures from her maternity shoot, now singer Ciara is doing the same in the April issue of Harper’s Bazaar magazine.

These pictures show just how beautiful Ciara is. She’s just wearing a white shirt, jeans and Calvin Klein underwear while showcasing her belly and honey, she looks gorgeous. Now, when these pictures first hit social media everyone was loving this photoshoot. Then, Ciara posted the final shot (pictured below) to her Instagram with the caption, “Just the 4 Of Us” and people went crazy. Alot of people were saying things like, “Oh this picture is disrepectful to Future”, “Baby Future is too old to be posing for pictures with his mom and stepdad like this”, “where the hell is Russell Wilson’s head” and the list goes on. I think people should mind their business and worry about their own children. Stop looking so hard into somethig that isn’t there, people!

In the issue, Ciara also opens up about her pregnancy. See what she told the mag below….

On her two babies on the way: “I got this baby and my album.”

On Future Jr. becoming a big brother: “[He says] ‘I want to see the baby,”Hello, baby. How you doing, baby? I love you, baby. Okay, talk to you later, baby. Bye, bye.’ Then he’ll kiss me on my belly and put my shirt back down.”

On her relationship with Russell Wilson: “[It’s] even greater… just… so… amazing… awesome… It really is.”

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