Rita Ora Covers The March Issue Of ‘Nylon’ Magazine

Rita Ora Nylon magazine March 2015

I remember Rita Ora did an interview a couple years back and said no matter how big she gets she will always rock her signature look. That look consists of  bright red lips, platinum blonde hair and dark brown eyebrows. As you can tell she’s still doing a damn good job rocking it!

Rita Ora graces the March cover of Nylon magazine where she opens up about her breakup with Calvin Harris, her new album and close friends she has in the industry.

On her crew: “It’s the same with all of my friends—with Charli, with Iggy, with Cara [Delevingne], and Katy Perry, who’s an amazing person inside and out and so talented, the biggest star in the world. She’s always been the same, and she’s just so funny and fun and loud and really cool. I’m like, ‘Yeah, that’s what I wanna be like! I wanna stay that way!’ You’ve gotta really be sacred with these friendships, ’cause people can corrupt them.”

On her upcoming film roles: “I go from a really French, [college] graduate sister [Fifty Shades of Grey] to a prostitute-looking crackhead with two kids who lives in a hostel in the middle of Philly [Southpaw]. I love the extremeness of it.”

On her breakup with Calvin Harris: “I had a breakup, or whatever, and it really made me realize what I was trying to do. I had been fixated on this love fantasy, but really it wasn’t like that, and I had to take myself back. For me, this was my moment where I had to be real and tell the truth and be honest. I love my pop songs, and I’m still gonna be pop, but this has just got a lot more depth to it.”

On her upcoming album: “I wanted the album to be dark and sexy, but still approachable, because I’m not a dark person.”

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