RUMOR HAS IT: Jennifer Lopez Is Ready To Dump Her Boyfriend!

Jennifer Lopez and Casper Smart

It looks like J.LO may be a single woman very soon…

Jennifer Lopez is one of the most desired women on the planet, so it’s a bit confusing as to why her much younger boyfriend, Casper Smart would cheat on her, WITH A TRANNY! A transexual model recently exposed Casper for his cheating ways. She posted the Instagram DM’s Casper sent her which clearly shows him trying to get with the model, and she’s claiming that he knew she was transexual. I completely believe her because let’s not forget about a year ago Casper was seen coming out of a New York sex toy shop, but it’s actually a well known gay sex club. After those reports came out via Star Magazine and In Touch Weekly, Jennifer threatened to sue the magazines. But, it looks like this time around J.LO may be coming to her senses.

According to RadarOnline,

After another transsexual model allegedly has exposed her sexy Instagram chats with Smart, a fed-up Lopez finally has had enough.

“Things started to go downhill when Casper was fired as Jennifer’s creative director after the show in Dubai,” the pal explains. “He was basically demoted to her cabana boy.”

Meanwhile, Lopez’s advisers are “urging her to just end the relationship with Casper. All of these headlines about dating transsexuals is just tacky, and detracting from all of the great things going on in her life. Casper is just bringing her down,” the insider added.

Jennifer had her boyfriend, Casper Smart, sign a legal document agreeing to never spill secrets about their relationship to the media. Her manager, Benny Medina, reportedly told her to draw up the document in order to protect her brand.  Smart had only been dating Lopez for a few weeks when she sprung the legal document, known as a non-disclosure agreement, on the choreographer.

The document states that Smart is never allowed to discuss his relationship – business or personal – with Lopez to the media, unless she has given prior written approval. He had no problem signing it, which made her very confident that she was at least dating a good guy.

There are no financials in the agreement, but it does say that if Smart breaches the agreement, she has the right to sue him and recover any gifts she had given to him during the course of the relationship. If Smart follows the rules, “he is allowed to keep all gifts,” the insider told

I can’t wait to see J.LO with a new man, who is on her level. Maybe Leo? Bradley Cooper?

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