Supermodel Gigi Hadid Covers Harper’s Bazaar’s June/July 2017 Cover

If I ever decide to go to space, I’m going to follow in the footsteps of Gigi Hadid and do it in a fabulous Chanel space suit!

Supermodel Gigi Hadid is Harper Bazaar’s June/July cover girl and she does a space-themed photo shoot with some help from NASA. No matter what we see Gigi in, whether it’s a photo shoot, billboard, on the runway or walking down the street, she is killing it. I guess that’s why she is our generation’s top supermodel!

In the new issue, the 22-year-old model opens up about dealing with anxiety, paparazzi, her friendship with Taylor Swift and much more.

On the constant paparazzi attention: “I understand that it comes with the territory, but it’s also very intense to always have to consider. I don’t think it will ever be normal, and if people ever feel like it’s normal, then that’s weird.”

On her anxiety while walking a runway: “I’ve really been working on trying to get better and to learn from every show, so I take it as a learning experience, because I always want to do my best. But I think it’s always going to be nerve-racking for me. There’s always a little thing, like the shoes [are tight] or the dress is heavy or whatever, so that’s what you’re focused on, to make sure your walk is going to go well.”

On her sister, Bella: “She’s so understanding of the demands of this job, and it’s really great that I can talk to her about it, because a lot of the time I feel suffocated by my own work ethic and by the expectations I put on myself. It’s really nice when you have people who say, ‘It’s okay to take time for yourself.”

For more of Gigi’s shoot, visit Harper’s Bazaar 

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