Wiz Khalifa’s Mom Is Suing Amber Rose!

Amber Rose just can’t catch a break these days! Just when all the drama was dying down from the comments she made about women from Philadelphia, this happens…. So, while things seemed to be all good between Amber Rose and her ex-husband/ baby daddy Wiz Khalifa, it doesn’t look the same for her and Wiz’s […]

Mary J. Blige Ordered To Pay Ex-Husband $30,000 A Month In Spousal Support

Imagine your husband of over 10 years, disrespecting you, cheating on you with your own protege, then trying to take everything you’ve worked so hard for. Mary J. Blige filed divorce from her husband Kendu Isaacs who was also her manager months ago, and she’s still dealing with the drama. While speaking to radio personality, […]

Lamar Odom Caught Drinking Months After Near Fatal Overdose

Just when you thought everything was good with Lamar Odom, these pictures surface. It’s been months since Lamar’s near death experience and Khloe Kardashian has been by his side, helping him along the way. Literally dropping everything and cancelling appearances to make sure she was available for him. The rest of the Kardashian family has […]

Tina Knowles Reveals Beyonce & Jay-Z’s Marriage Is ‘Perfect’

After months of Beyonce & Jay-Z divorce rumors, they are finally being addressed! Now, we all know both Beyonce and Jay-Z would never actually talk about the divorce rumors because that’s just not how they roll. But since they weren’t going to do it, why not ask someone who’s extremely close to the couple and […]

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