Wiz Khalifa’s Mom Is Suing Amber Rose!

Amber Rose just can’t catch a break these days! Just when all the drama was dying down from the comments she made about women from Philadelphia, this happens….

So, while things seemed to be all good between Amber Rose and her ex-husband/ baby daddy Wiz Khalifa, it doesn’t look the same for her and Wiz’s mom, Katie. Amber and Katie were damn near at war with each other (via social media) back when Amber and Wiz first broke up, but this is on another level, honey!

According to TMZ,

Amber Rose launched into a profanity-laced phone call accusing Wiz Khalifa’s mother of being an unfit grandmother … so says Wiz’s mom in a lawsuit.

Katie Wimbush-Polk is reportedly suing Amber for defamation because she says Wiz’s ex said she was responsible for her child’s death. Khalifa’s sibling, Dorien “Lala”, died in February of complications from lymphoma.

In the suit — as reported by the Washington Observer-Reporter — Amber made the phone call to Katie after Katie allegedly reported Amber to California Child Welfare Services. Katie denies making the call, and nothing came of it when child services visited Amber on June 19.

Wiz’s mom is suing for damages. We’ve reached out to Amber, so far no word back.

I wonder if what Katie is saying is true about Amber, or is she just playing the ex-mother in law from hell part very well. Sources say that Amber is now trying to get a restraining order from Katie for her and her son, Sebastian. Only time will tell how this plays out, but I will be watching!

Post Author: CourtneyOMG