Alicia Keys Goes Makeup Free For “V” Magazine


Alicia Keys is showing off her natural beauty on the cover of “V” magazine.

The 35-year-old singer has chosen to stop wearing so much makeup and instead embrace her natural beauty. She’s encouraged other women to do it as well. Even going on the TODAY show and wiping off anchor Tamron Hall’s makeup live on camera. Now, to some people that’s no big deal, but most people would never be brave enough to go makeup free LIVE on camera.  I will admit when you wear makeup, it sometimes becomes your idea of beautiful.

I do think women should embrace their natural beauty, but I also just love makeup. I personally like to switch off. If you feel confident and you’re happy with or without makeup, that’s all that matters.

In the new issue, Alicia opens up about beauty, music and more…..

On being a working woman: “I think that it’s definitely tricky being a woman. You go to work, and it’s like, if you don’t put on makeup that day people say, ‘Oh, you look so tired!’ It’s not only the entertainment industry, it’s not only the film industry, it’s not only the fashion industry, it’s not only every job that anyone works at or every magazine that everyone has read, it’s a collective consciousness.”

On going makeup free: “There’s nothing you could do to take away this unbelievably innate beauty that lives inside of you as a woman because we are the most spectacular creatures that were ever created. The most incredible thing is that all women are beautiful.”

On music changing minds: “There’s definitely an imbalance, and I think that we’re all feeling that imbalance, to be honest. I love how much we all can identify with music, whether we’re artists or just working at the post office, music is our life.”

Post Author: CourtneyOMG