Fashion Icon Anna Wintour On Beyonce: “She’s Superwoman”


Vogue magazine launched their first ever podcast today during New York Fashion Week. The podcast is hosted by Vogue contributing editor Andre Leon Talley and he brought fashion icon Anna Wintour on as his first guest.

On the show Anna and Andre talked about Vogue’s September issue which has Beyonce on the cover. This cover was extra special because Beyonce is one of the only black women to be featured on their September cover.

Check out what Anna had to say about Queen Bey…

On putting Beyoncé on the cover of Vogue September 2015 issue: I think Beyoncé is every woman. She’s superwoman, she’s an extraordinary business woman, she’s a force of fashion. She totally understands the way to communicate to millions and millions of fans.

On having a black woman on the cover of magazines: For my very first September issue, I put Naomi Campbell on the cover. I don’t know if you remember, she was wearing this orange sequin Anne Klein suit that would probably look incredibly ’80s today. But we have this meeting every month where we present the issue to the corporate floor, and I remember all the men in suits being absolutely stunned by the fact that I would put a black woman on the September cover ofVogue. Looking at this issue made me very proud of how far we’ve come and how much the world has changed. That question would just simply not arise today.


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