Jenny McCarthy Flaunts Abs In SHAPE Magazine

Jenny McCarthy Shape magazine cover

Oh to be 41 and look this fabulous!

Jenny McCarthy covers the newest issue of Shape magazine looking better than some of these women half her age. Just looking at this picture makes me want to hit the gym asap, or at least do some crunches on the floor right now. Even though I’m really happy with my body, I still wanted to tone my abs some more. One of my biggest worries about working out is that I could potentially end up looking like a man from the neck down if I do too much because I’m already so tiny. I am so not a fan of women who have six packs, or the V.

Jenny has such a fabulous body, I was dying to know what her secrets were! She reveals some of those to the mag & also talks about getting engaged to fiance Donny Wahlberg.

On working out after giving birth to her son:

“I was on that treadmill every day for 45 minutes,” she said. “I did a moderate pace and kept it there the whole time. After a few weeks, the extra weight dropped off.”

On her weight:

“It goes up and down a lot”.

On how fiance Donny Wahlberg proposed: 

“He was carrying the ring, he got down on his knee in front of Evan, and … I said yes,”


Jenny McCarthy Shape magazine spread

Head over to Shape for more of Jenny’s interview!

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