Kanye West’s Wedding Gift To Kim Kardashian Was……..

Kim and Kanye PDA

What would you give Kim Kardashian as a gift on her wedding day if you were Kanye West? The first thing that popped in my head was something that she loves the most….herself!

Well, that’s exactly what Kanye supposedly gave Kim as a wedding gift. It was a painting of her wearing nothing but a thong and Christian Louboutins (I wonder which pair). The painting is called “Perfect B*tch”. Yes, you read that right! I would love to know where she is going to hang this painting and how she is going to explain to North West why being called a “perfect bitch” is a good thing. I wonder is she’s ok with being called a “bitch”, or she prefers perfect, bad, or beautiful in front of it. 

According to The Mirror,

It was painted by a street artist named Bambi, who is based in London. The painting was commissioned by Kanye through Bambi’s manager, Leonard Villa, and Leonard was told that Kanye wanted something “regal but typically Kim.”

I really hope guys don’t take after Kanye & start giving their spouses pictures of themselves with the caption, “The Perfect Bitch” underneath it.

Post Author: CourtneyOMG