Khloe Kardashian Reveals The Inspiration Behind Her New Denim Line, Good American


Khloe Kardashian just launched her new denim line, Good American and the whole Kardashian family and friends are showing their support.

In my opinion, one of the hardest things to shop for is denim. Every jean fits so different, regardless of size or brand. The struggle to find a great pair of jeans is so real. Right now, I love Paige, Hudson and some H&M jeans. Other than that I can’t really find anything else that fits good and makes my butt look awesome.

I look forward to trying a pair of Good American jeans. The prices range between $149 and $215, so for those prices, they better be good!

Khloe spoke with People Style about her new denim line

On her inspiration behind, Good American:

“When I was bigger, a lot of places didn’t carry my size. I was a 30 or 31 at the time. I didn’t think that was astronomical sizing but people went, ‘Uh! What size are you? Oh we don’t have that here but we can order it.’ I was like, ‘Screw you, you just made me feel like s—.’ And that’s how a lot of women feel.” She adds, “My sisters would wear cute denim, and I felt so fat-shamed. It was important for me to make something women feel good in. It’s a positive, empowering project.”

On Good American being available to all sizes: 

“At DASH, our store, I would always say, ‘God I really want to start carrying larger sizes,’ and it’s harder for a boutique. If we owned department stores it would be different, but now I am finally happy I am able to have something to offer real woman.”

On transforming her lifestyle: 

“The best form of revenge is a good body. I’m not seeking revenge on one particular person. It’s revenge on life and being the best me,” she shares. “I don’t care what a scale says. Working out is the best form of therapy.”

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