Kim Kardashian Defends Kanye West Over Wheelchair Comments


That awkward moment when Kanye West blatantly offends someone……….

Kanye West was performing at the Qantas Credit Union Arena in Sydney, Australia Friday night when word got out that he was refusing to perform because everyone wasn’t standing up. He reportedly singled out two of his fans who were still sitting down, but the problem with that was they were in wheelchairs.

Well, according to the video below Kanye doesn’t actually ask his wheelchair bound fans to stand up, but he calls out to make sure they are actually in a wheelchair. Regardless, it was insensitive and embarrassing. Also, if I’m paying hundreds of dollars to see an artist perform in concert, you’re not going to tell me if I’m allowed to sit down or not. 

Kim Kardashian took to her Instagram to talk about how amazing the tour is and defend Kanye over his wheelchair comments.

Post Author: CourtneyOMG