Kourtney Kardashian Rumored To Be Hooking Up With Justin Bieber


After being seen together on a number of occasions, rumor has it that Kourtney Kardashian and Justin Bieber are casually “hooking up”.

After all the drama that her ex, Scott Disick put her through, why does everyone think Kourtney should go back to him now that he completed rehab? Maybe that should be the end result since they do have three kids together, but why not have a little fun and time to herself first? If that means hooking up with Justin Bieber who is over a decade younger than her then so be it. Do you, boo!

According to TMZ,

Kourtney Kardashian is flatly denying she’s hooking up with Justin Bieber, but our sources say Bieber and company are laughing, because she is.
Sources close to Bieber tell TMZ the fling started in October when they ran into each other at The Nice Guy in West Hollywood.

Our source says Kourtney flirted and Justin decided to make a move, and they’ve hooked up a couple of times since then … the last being this past weekend when Kourtney left Justin’s Beverly Hills hotel at 4 AM.
Kourtney has been grilled like a cheeseburger by her family and she’s insisted all she’s done with Bieber is hang out with groups of people in the hotel.

Justin and company beg to differ … as one source says, “He’s single, she’s single and they’re just having a good time. Nothing serious.”

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