Mariah Carey Has Already Moved On With Her Backup Dancer After Split From Ex Fiance, James Packer


Mariah Carey did not waste any time! Instead of sitting around being sad about her breakup with ex-fiance James Packer, she’s decided to do something better with her time, like date someone else. Mariah has moved on with her backup dancer, Bryan Tanaka.

Yes, that is the same backup dancer that James Packer supposedly had a problem with. Rumor has it, months ago James tried to use his connections with all the casinos to get Bryan banned. It would have been a huge  problem because Bryan is Mariah’s main backup dancer and her residency is at the Ceasar’s palace in Vegas. If James got him banned, then he wouldn’t have been able to work for Mariah. Well, obviously being petty just didn’t work for James.

Mariah and Bryan confirmed their new relationship while in Maui for her three shows that she was doing in Honolulu.

A source told Us Weekly, 

“They were all over each other, making out and not wanting to be more than a few feet apart. They swam in the ocean and he picked her up to kiss her. She was jumping into his arms, and he bent her back over his knee like they were dancing. Then they walked on the beach holding hands, and he gave her a piggyback ride. They had a lot of fun together, and were very playful. She was kicking up the water to splash him, and he was laughing.”

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