Nicole Scherzinger Shows Off Toned Stomach For ‘Cosmo Body’

Nicole Scherzinger Cosmo body coverSinger Nicole Scherzinger’s Cosmopolitan Body cover inspires us to stick to our New Year’s resolution of working out!

When we look at celebrities and their ‘perfect’ bodies we usually ask ourselves, “what are they doing that I’m not?” Well, Nicole explains that she has to work just as hard for her fabulous body as anyone else. Especially now that she’s in her thirties.

Check out what she told the mag……

On her weight: “I’m like any woman – my weight fluctuates up and down. I have good days and bad days. For many years I worked out every single day, but now I’m in my thirties it’s like pulling teeth. I gotta make myself work out – you need to find that balance.”

On eating healthy in the winter in London: “I’m working with Sir Trevor Nunn, who used to be artistic director of the Royal Shakespeare Company, so I want to give it my all. But when I finish work it can be really hard to eat healthily – when it’s cold you just want to eat a melted-cheese panini and soup. I’m going to turn into a cup of tea and a curry by the time I leave London! I eat differently in the UK from when I’m in LA. Over there, I’m happy eating a kale salad and sushi rolls but with this weather I’ve been eating a lot of curry. I do miss the sun in LA, but London inspires me in a different way. It’s like being in a movie.”

On what healthy means: “Healthy for me means a healthy mind, then everything else becomes aligned – the mental physical, spiritual… everything… Being happy means having balance, being creative and finding peace.”

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