Selena Gomez: “I’ve Been Dating. I’ve Been Having The Best Time”


Selena Gomez graces the July cover of Marie Claire magazine.

After four years of dating Justin Bieber on and off, the 23 year old entertainer who is currently on her Revival tour is ready to move on. Not only does she want to move on, but she also wants everyone to stop asking about her ever getting back together with Justin.

At one of her recent concerts, Selena crumbled a fans sign that read, “Please Marry Justin”LOL. We get the message, Selena.



In the new issue, Selena opens up about dating, taking control of her career and more.

On how she deals with agents and managers: “Authenticity is my life. They make great choices, but I make the decisions.”

On dating: “I’ve been dating. I’ve been having the best time. But I don’t trust anybody, so dating can only be fun if I know I’m going to have fun.”

On being known for who she dated with not who she is: “I would try to promote something that I loved, and the entire interview would be about my personal life. I would leave a room feeling defeated, feeling embarrassed, but I would always make sure to put that smile on my face because I wasn’t going to let them get to me.”

On taking control of her career: “I had to not be afraid to ask dumb questions, which means I asked a million things about ever single step that I was making.”


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