Are Nick Cannon And Mariah Carey Getting Back Together?


Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey have filed for divorce, but technically they are still married. That means there is a better chance that the couple may get back together. Well, at least I hope so because I love them together.

Since separating and filing for divorce Nick and Mariah have gone their separate ways. Nick was rumored to be dating a bunch of different women and he even got that massive Mariah tattoo that he had on his back covered up. Mariah has been rumored to be dating friend Brett Ratner, but I think it’s just a silly rumor. On  Easter the below picture of Nick, Mariah and their twins were posted and they looked like one big, happy family with no drama. So, is there a chance of Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey reconciling? Well, you never know according to Nick!


Post Author: CourtneyOMG