Eva Longoria Sizzles On The Cover Of ‘Ocean Drive’ Magazine


I just can’t take how beautiful Eva Longoria is! The actress and fashion designer is 41 years old, but can still pass for a woman in her 20’s. Get it boo!

Eva is definitely going for the Miami vibe with the wet, beachy waves while poolside in the pages of this months Ocean Drive magazine. In the issue, Eva talks about staying fit, being a boss lady and the presidential election.

On Hillary Clinton’s likeability: “I have no idea why people don’t find Hillary likable. I know her on a personal level, and she is one of the most likable, amazing, engaged, compassionate human beings. It’s a matter of pulling that out and letting everyone see it. I don’t want to go have a beer with [Barack] Obama – I want him to run the country. I look for quality in a leader.”

On Donald Trump’s characterizations of the Latino community: “The fact that he uses the word ‘Latino’ to be synonymous with ‘illegal’ is a mistake. I’m ninth-generation American – I’m way more American than Donald Trump! I have to turn my offense and anger into a vote, not just complain about it.”

On the gender bias and being a boss lady: “There’s a reason we haven’t had a female president in our history. There is a gender bias in politics, in the workplace, and in the society – and to say there’s not is very naïve. I don’t have a problem telling people if something’s not quite right, or course-correcting – but it has to be done in the right way. I’m cooperative, respectful, and very honest. Just because I’m a boss lady doesn’t mean I have to be a bitch. In my head, I was always a director and producer – it’s in my nature to be in charge.”

On her fit figure: “There’s no secret formula – diet and exercise take work. I’ve always had a good metabolism, but at some point, everyone’s stops. For me, it was at around 35. You eat a bowl of pasta, and you’re like, ‘Oh, this doesn’t just go away anymore.’”

Post Author: CourtneyOMG