Meet Boho Betty: The New Face Of Fashion Jewelry!


Hey fashionistas,

So you guys remember me telling you all about this private launch party for a fashion jewelry line, right? Prior to me going to the event I had no idea who the jewelry line was, what kind of jewelry they sold and what it looked like. Well, let’s just say once I found out it was well worth the wait.

The launch party took place at the very chic Essex hotel on South Beach and it was very well thought out. Miami’s finest enjoyed the Hors d’oeuvres, decorative set up and big reveal which ended up being the fabulous jewelry line known as Boho Betty!


The woman behind Boho Betty, Erin Miller spoke to the crowd about what made her decide to follow her dreams, how the jewelry line all began and showed us Boho Betty’s beautiful pieces.

I received a beautiful black bracelet in my exclusive gift bag. Now, we all know black is my favorite color which means I’ll be wearing the bracelet pretty much everyday. It’s usually hard for me to find bracelets because my wrist is so tiny, but I loved that I was able to adjust it. Also, these bracelets are great for both dressing up and down.


Boho Betty needs to be added to every fashionista’s must have list! You can log onto their website and take a quiz to see what your style is. You can also become a VIP exclusive member and get up to 40% off!


Post Author: CourtneyOMG