Amber Rose Slams Tyga For Dating 17 Year Old Kylie Jenner


I have a new found love for Amber Rose after watching her on The Breakfast Club. Not only is she ridiculously gorgeous with flawless skin, but she’s so real! That combination is hard to find in celebrityville.

Amber was open and honest about everything Angela Yee, DJ Envy and Charlamagne asked her. Some of the topics being her soon to be ex husband Wiz Khalifa, potential new boo James Harden, the Kardashians Tyga and Kylie’s relationship.

Now, if you didn’t know Amber is BFF’s with Blac Chyna who was engaged and has a baby with rapper Tyga. Prior to Kylie and Tyga hooking up, Blac Chyna was BFF’s with Kim Kardashian. Messy right? Kylie just turned 17 years old and Tyga is 25 so this relationship is completely inappropriate! The whole Kardashian family especially Kris Jenner should have a problem with it, but with all the drama going on with Bruce she may be looking past it.

Check out what Amber told The Breakfast Club

On Tyga dating Kylie Jenner:

“She’s a baby. She needs to go to bed. It’s 7 o’clock. And relax. Nah, I’m over that. That’s ridiculous. He should be ashamed of himself. That’s how I feel, for sure.”

On Kim Kardashian:

“This is my whole thing, right. When Kim first came out, I was like, ‘Who the f*ck is this Puerto Rican girl with Paris Hilton?! This b*tch is beautiful!’ Yeah, I thought she was Puerto Rican, I’m from the East Coast. So, that’s initially what I thought of Kim. I was just like, ‘Wow, this girl’s amazing.’ But, it’s just sh*t that I see her do, like she posted a selfie, and she had like one of her boobs out of the bra or whatever. It’s just fake to me, you know I just wish, she’s such a beautiful girl, she has potential to be like really dope, but to me she’s not. And I don’t have to do a Kanye.”

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