Bimini SuperFast Is Bringing Back Their Night Party Cruises!


It’s back!!!

Bimini SuperFast has decided to bring back their very popular night party cruise. The party cruise takes place every Saturday and you will be able to party it up and still make it back home in time for Sunday’s brunch. Or if you’re like me you’ll make it home in time to do some Sunday shopping!

The party cruise will feature professional dancers, DJ’s, laser and light effects as you sail your way from Miami to the Bahamas and back. One thing that I absolutely loved about the Bimini SuperFast cruise was that I could dance to live music on the top deck. I was dancing during the day and it was so refreshing because you turn around and see the beautiful ocean. Since the party cruise is taking place at night, the scenery is going to be fabulous! While dancing on the deck you get to see Miami’s skyline in the background. I’m sorry, but there is no club that could beat that.


This weeks party cruise will feature DJ Vertigo and it will be co-hosted by Mack from Y-100. They will both be playing the latest and greatest hits while going back and forth on the turntables. You’ll have the option to either party on the ship or the island once it docks in the Bahamas. Also, if you don’t have a passport right now you won’t have to worry about it if you’re staying in a cabin on the ship.


Head over to Resort World to book the night party cruise NOW!!!

Post Author: CourtneyOMG