Chris Brown Apologizes To Karrueche After Accusing Her Of Cheating With Drake


It was only a matter of time before Chris Brown lashed out on someone. Unfortunately this time it was his ex- girlfriend Karrueche Tran.

While performing onstage this weekend Chris Brown decided that he needed attention, so he chose to announce his split from on-again/ off-again girlfriend Karrueche. His exact words were, “How many single ladies we got in here tonight? Well, I’m single, too. F**k that b***h.” He obviously still has no respect for women whatsoever!

Soon after Karrueche tweeted,

As soon as Karrueche sent out that tweet, it started a war that had social media on fire! Chris Brown posted the below message on Instagram , which he later deleted!


Can we say messy? First off, what kind of man publicly talks about what him and his girl does in the bedroom? Secondly, why does Drake continue to mess with every woman that you date? And lastly, you’re obviously hurting these women so bad that they retaliate by sleeping with your enemy, aka. Drake!

Karrueche has yet to respond to Chris’ accusations, but sources close to Drake tell TMZ,

Drake say there’s NO truth to the dating allegation … he says Karrueche isn’t even his type. As one source puts it, “Drake’s an ass man. Think about it, all the strippers he gets with … the first out of his type was Rihanna.”

Drake acknowledges he hung out with Karrueche in Toronto … but only because she was friends with a girl who he was hooking up with.

After getting called out for acting like a female and once again mistreating women, Chris Brown decided to apologize, but do ya’ll really think it’s sincere? We heard these same apologizes after he attacked Rihanna, threw a chair out of Good Morning America’s window, threw bottles of liquor in the club at Drake, attacked Frank Ocean’s cousin over a parking spot, assaulted and screamed gay slurs at a fan and the list goes on.

Chris wrote,

Being young and dumb is one of my strong suits and emotional at best. I love hard and react impulsively when I’m hurt at times. I don’t think social media is a place to air out or hash out personal problems and a nigga feel hella WACK for doing it. So I AM APOLOGIZING I live in a glass house and the same shit that makes me great also is my curse. Everybody know I love that girl. I don’t care how my image my look to the public because I’m still gonna be the best at what I do. I just want baby girl to know I apologize!

Let’s all hope Karrueche does not get back with this fool!

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