Kim Kardashian Is Finally Launching Her Own Makeup Line

After years of endorsing all her favorite beauty products, Kim Kardashian is coming out with a makeup line of her own!

I don’t care whether you love or hate Kim Kardashian, one thing everyone could agree on is that Kim’s makeup is always flawless and always on point. In the 10+ years that Kim has been in the spotlight, I honestly can’t think of one bad makeup look. Any look she does she makes popular. Kim hands down made contouring and highlighting a must do!

At the Forbes Women Summit in New York, Kim revealed that she will be launching her makeup line on June 21st. The Keeping Up With The Kardashians star said,  “After 10 years of getting my makeup done every single day, you’d think that I would know a little bit about makeupAnd so I really have put that knowledge into action and production.”

I change my looks up all the time, but the one thing that’s consistent is contour,” Kim explained.”

Hopefully every month we’ll have a drop of another product,” she said. “I’m focusing on skin, and the contouring, and concealer—and all my favorite things will be coming out soon.”

There might be a little competition in the Kardashian/Jenner household with all the success of Kylie Jenner‘s lip kits, but I think Kim’s will be on another level of success. I don’t know about you guys, but I’m making sure that I will be on on June 21st because it will be sold out within minutes.

Post Author: CourtneyOMG