Kim Kardashian Gets Naked For British GQ


Last night Kim Kardashian attended the 2014 GQ Men Of The Year awards with hubby Kanye West where she was honored as the Woman Of The Year.

In honor of her big win, Kim Kardashian revealed her British GQ October 2014 cover where she appears completely naked. Now, is it just me, or do you remember Kim saying she was done with the nude photo shoots and wanted to try and focus on high fashion shoots? Well, maybe since she’s already scored the cover of Vogue magazine, which is the biggest fashion magazine, Kim didn’t mind showing a little tits and ass for GQ magazine.

Kim Kardashian British GQ Naked

Also, I’m sure Kanye wanted to remind the world what he gets to go home to every night!

Kim Kardashian Naked British GQ

Kim Kardashian had to do this shoot months ago when she was still in her blonde hair phase.

Kim Kardashian British GQ Naked pictures

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