Kim Kardashian Slams Divorce Rumors, Talks Preparing For Nude Photoshoot


If it’s not one thing, it’s another with Kim Kardashian! Last week everyone was going crazy over the nude photo shoot she did with Paper magazine and now divorce rumors are all over the tabloids.

Kim has been in Australia the last couple days to promote her new fragrance, Fleur Fatale. While there she stopped by FOX FM’s Fifi and Dave show where she slams all of those crazy divorce rumors. She also talks about wanting to protect her daughter North from social media and reveals the lucky guy who got to oil her up for her nude photo shoot.

On divorce rumors: “I think I saw something in the States that said ‘Kim is getting a divorce, seen going to her divorce attorney’s office’ and I looked at the picture and I’m like, I’m in workout clothes and I’m walking into a Korean spa! How is that my divorce attorney’s office? It just makes absolutely no sense that they can make anything up and according to them I’ve been pregnant 500 times.”

On protecting daughter, North West: “I think about it all the time, just like the cyber bullying, of how I need to raise my daughter with being confident and secure about herself and be who she is, but at the same time know when to filter out all of the negative things,” she explained. “I couldn’t imagine my life growing up with social media and seeing all of those comments, it would be so so hard.”

On getting oiled up for her nude Paper magazine shoot: “I have a hair care line, it was actually my hair oil that I used a little bit of that, so you have to get creative,” she said. “Good lighting and oil.”

On her makeup artist and friend Mario oiling her up for the shoot: “We’ve worked together for over seven years now, so I felt really comfortable with him,” she said. “I told him afterwards, his brother always asked him ‘Have you ever seen her ass?’….and I said afterwards ‘You can now officially say you oiled me up!”

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