Rapper Tyga Denies Dating Kylie Jenner


Amber Rose and Khloe Kardashian gave us some entertainment yesterday when they were going back and forth on social media. After Amber Rose appeared on The Breakfast Club and talked about Tyga and Kylie’s inappropriate relationship Khloe felt the need to respond. Only problem was she wasn’t ready for Amber who completely demolished the entire Kardashian family.

Tyga appeared on The Breakfast Club this morning and denied dating Kylie Jenner. He also denied leaving his ex fiancee/ baby mother for Kylie. He said him and Kylie are just friends and that’s it. He goes on to say that he’s been friends with the Kardashian’s for a very long time and they don’t think his “friendship” with Kylie is weird.

I’m sorry, but who does Tyga think he’s fooling? No grown ass man should be spending this amount of time around a 17 year old girl! These two are always together so there is no way you’re going to convince people that you’re not dating her. I can bet you any amount of money that the moment Kylie turns 18 they will begin showing PDA. Then he’ll say they didn’t start being romantic until she turned 18. Amber Rose was 100% correct, Tyga should be ashamed of himself!!!!

Post Author: CourtneyOMG