Stranger Things Season 2

The adventurous cute team of kids that we all know and love will return to Netflix this Halloween with Season two of Stranger Things! This is hands down one of my favorite shows that Netflix has created so far. There’s nothing better than an 80’s themed vibe while searching for monsters in the upside down with a team of friends. This gang reminds me of the good old classic film The Goonies and who doesn’t love them?

Season one left us with such a cliffhanger that I can’t wait to see what will happen next! Is Will going to turn into a Demogorgon? Will Eleven find her way back to the gang? Will Officer Hopper spill the beans? And what will happen to our favorite character Barb for crying out loud?! UGH! So many questions and still so much time until Halloween. On a happier note, the producers couldn’t have chosen a better release date given the new addition of the spidery monster in the upside down.

Until then, enjoy this clip from season two:

Post Author: CourtneyOMG